The neighbourhoods targeted in this study are based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) Statistical Area 1 (SA1). There are 10,000 SA1s in Melbourne. We've chosen 120 based on existing data on particulate air pollution, walkability and community socioeconomic status. The neighbourhoods we've chosen consist of a mixture of high and low levels of each of these three features.

This Google Map shows the 120 neighbourhoods (or SA1s – Statistical Area 1, as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics)  we have targeted for iMAP Melbourne. The blue borders designate the boundaries of each SA1. Some SA1s are bigger than others, depending how concentrated the population is – more people means a geographically smaller SA1. Most of our SA1s are small in area and it is not possible to view them all clearly on the screen together. The red icons show where the SA1s are located, zooming in on the map will reveal the boundaries.

Please note that the red icons are placed in or near the middle of the SA1. If you zoom right in you may find that an icon happens to be centred on a particular building. This does not mean anything in particular.

Click the square in the top right corner of the map border to view full-screen.

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