Louise Czosnek

Louise CzosnekPhD Candidate 

Exercise Oncology, Exercise and Nutrition Research Program

Louise is an accredited exercise physiologist. She is studying a PhD that investigates how to integrate exercise as medicine into normal health system and policy functions. The project supports the Institute’s strong commitment to translate research into practice. Ultimately, the research aims to support better outcomes for people with cancer and mental health, when accessing the health system.

Aside from her research, Exercise & Sports Science Australia employs Louise as the Policy and Relations Advisor. In this role, Louise represents the interests of, and advocates for, university qualified exercise and sports science professionals. She meets regularly with Federal Politicians/Advisors and Health Department staff and is an active member of Mental Health Australia and the National Aged Care Alliance. Louise has also recently accepted a position on Deakin University’s advisory board for their exercise and sports science course.

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