Evelyn Deustcher

PhD Candidate

Evelyn Deustcher

Microstructural Imaging and Rehabilitative Plasticity Program


Evelyn is currently undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy under the supervision of Karen Cayenberghs and is focusing on Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). TBI occurring during infancy, childhood or adolescence can involve both life threatening primary injuries as well as secondary injuries that can progress for weeks and months after initial injury. Pediatric TBI has the potential to derail normal developmental processes and can result in cognitive, behavioural and social deficits that continue into adulthood. Due to large heterogeneity among patients and their recovery trajectories, our current ability to predict individual long term outcomes is limited. Evelyn will focus on using advanced neuroimaging techniques and mathematical modelling to better understand the pattern of progression of secondary injuries as a result of pediatric TBI. It is hoped that this will provide a better method for predicting individual patient outcomes. Evelyn has previously completed a Bachelor of Science (Neuroscience), Graduate Diploma of Psychology and Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (1st class honours).


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