Alex Burmester

Technical Officer 

Alex Burmester

Microstructural Imaging and Rehabilitative Plasticity Program

Alex Burmester is a Technical Officer for the Microstructural Imaging and Rehabilitative Plasticity research program. Alex completed a PhD in 2009 looking at the relationship between change blindness and visual short-term memory and has several publications on this topic. 

Alex also worked as a Research Associate position at New York University Abu Dhabi, from 2015 to 2017, which focussed on using change detection and continuous report methodologies to examine the functional organization of visual short-term memory. As part of his research program, Alex has gained extensive experience in lab-based behavioural testing and online testing. Alex also has a background in IT and is interested in leveraging these technical skills to help the research program deal with the technical challenges involved in structural imaging, data analysis and online testing.



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