While Roman Catholicism has always understood itself as the universal Church of Christianity, we need to understand what institutions and movements carried the Catholic Church to the world.

The Institute will explore the historical development of the Jesuits and their global impact historically. To what extent was the Society of Jesus successful as a global movement? Secondly this research will examine the legacy of the Jesuits ‘on the modernization not only of the Church but the secular societies on which it had an impact. Finally in a world of changing global communications, the project will explore the nature of religious globalization.















Other research streams


Cities and Successful Societies

Examining the impact of social and economic changes on happiness and well-being.

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Asian Societies and their Religions

Considering the relation of religion to resources, scarcity and economic development in Asian societies.

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Religion and Medicine

Exploring the development of the medical, biomedical and health fields in relation to religious institutions.

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Law and Religion

Studying intersections of law and society, including issues of legal pluralism.

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