Questioning how societies can succeed when faced with issues of pluralism and diversity, this program examines the relation of religion to resources, scarcity and economic development.

Supported by the Journal for Religious and Political Practice, which was founded by Bryan S. Turner, the Asian Societies and their Religions Program brings together in-house expertise on South Asia (India) and East Asia (Vietnam and China). Political violence, solidarities and the evolution of religious minorities are major focus areas. This research takes place within the broader debate on secularization in authoritarian post-communist societies, evolving democracies and societies with an official religion written into their constitution.




Stream leader


Professor Bryan S. Turner - Professor of Sociology of Religion

Bryan Turner is one of the world’s leading sociologists of religion and he is founding Director of the Institute for Religion, Politics and Society. His research interests include globalisation and religion, religious conflict and the modern state, and human rights and religion.

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Other research streams


Religion and Medicine

Exploring the development of the medical, biomedical and health fields in relation to religious institutions.

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Global Catholicism

International concerns of and about the world's largest religion.

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Law and Religion

Studying intersections of law and society, including issues of legal pluralism.

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Cities and Successful Societies

Studying intersections of law and society, including issues of legal pluralism.

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