Daniel Peterson


(BA(Hons)/LLB, LLM, Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary))

Since commencing his Indonesian language studies at the age of eight, Daniel majored in Indonesian at Monash University and completed his honours thesis in Indonesian studies, where he examined the ideologies behind the first Bali bombings. In 2007, he completed the last semester of his Bachelor of Laws on exchange at Universitas Indonesia and then undertook a two-month internship at Baker and McKenzie’s Jakarta office, Hadiputranto, Hadinoto and Partners. While completing his Master of Laws at the University of Melbourne in 2008, he was invited by the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine to Timor-Leste to be its interpreter for a month where it conducted training for local police and mortuary officials in aspects of disaster victim identification, as well as a forensic investigation into the Santa Cruz massacre of 1991.

In 2010, following his admission to legal practice, Daniel worked as an Indonesian language legal translator for an environmental and OHS consultancy. He then taught Indonesian and Global Politics for two years at secondary school level, before last year completing short stints at the Sampoerna Foundation (in Jakarta) and the Australia-Indonesia Centre at Monash University.


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