Program director

Professor Christopher Ocker

Late medieval and early modern Europe; Central Europe; the Reformations; religious conflict; property; politics; theology; biblical interpretation

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Dr Michael Barbezat

Medieval and early modern history; medieval European religious, intellectual, and cultural history; history of Christianity; history of emotions; history of sexuality; medieval heresy; magic; medieval ideas of the afterlife; and medieval devotional cultures

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Professor Susan Broomhall FAHA

Women and gender; emotions; science, technologies, and knowledge practices; material culture; cultural contact and global encounters; heritage of the early modern world

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Dr Matthew S. Champion

History; medieval and early modern studies; temporalities; history of the senses; sound studies; visual culture; history and theory

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Dr Michael Champion

Early Christianity; late-antique and medieval history; ancient philosophy; Classical to Byzantine cultural and intellectual history; history of emotions; history of violence; Classical receptions

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Dr Rachel Davies 

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Dr Sarah Gador-Whyte

Late-antique and Byzantine hymnography and homiletics; Byzantine liturgy; late-antique cultural interactions; late-antique history and historiography; religious conflict; history of emotions

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Dr Shannon Gilmore-Kuziow

Art and architectural history; medieval and early modern studies; ritual practice; sacred space; affective piety; material culture

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Professor Peter Howard

Renaissance preaching; religion in Florence in the fifteenth century; Italian Renaissance history, with a focus on Florence; medieval and early modern sermon studies; medieval and early modern intellectual history; religious and ecclesiastical history

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Dr Andrew McKenzie-McHarg

Early modern anti-Jesuit rhetoric; radical Enlightenment; early modern autobiographies; anonymity; secrecy; secret societies; conceptual history

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Jack Norman

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Dr Miles Pattenden

Catholic Church; papacy; early modern Italy; early modern Spain

Dr Marianne Ritsema van Eck (beginning February 2021)

Late medieval and early modern religious culture; Franciscan studies; Italian sacri monti; visual and material culture; saints and sanctity; early modern Rome; pilgrimage and travel to the Holy Land/Jerusalem; historical cartography

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Dr Rachel K. Teubner

Medieval and Renaissance literature; Christian theology

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Dr Jonathan Zecher

Early Christianity; late antique cultures; late antique history; ancient medicine; early monasticism; patristics; Byzantine theology; eastern Orthodox spirituality; medical humanities; health humanities; Greek

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Research students

Lana Stephens

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