The modern world has been built on self-conscious rejections of religious Byzantine and medieval pasts, and narratives of progression from the age of Renaissance and Reformation to the glories of the Enlightenment, the triumph of free-market capitalism and liberal democratic secularism. To understand this history, and to reframe it through dynamic reinterpretations of the medieval and early modern past, is the purpose of the Medieval and Early Modern program of ACU's Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry.

The program currently enjoys strengths in late medieval and early modern Italy and the Low Countries, late medieval and early modern Central Europe, early modern France, the twelfth-century Anglo-Norman world, and the history of the papacy, the cultures of time, religious violence, theology and literature, women's spirituality, popular religion, politics, and theology.

Under the leadership of the inaugural Director of MEMS, Professor Christopher Ocker, the program aims to develop additional strengths in the following topical areas: the body and its senses (including emotions), music and sound, material and visual cultures, cultural exchange, philosophy and theology, law, classical and late antique receptions, and the physical environments and the temporalities that conditioned all these things.

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The Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry's MEMS programme is Australia’s fastest expanding centre for the study of the premodern world. If you are interested in pursuing the PhD or MA by research in IRCI’s MEMS program, please email Professor Christopher Ocker.

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Our global and multidisciplinary team of scholars are experts in the fields of philosophy, religion, and theology.

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