Psychosocial drivers and impact of positive behaviour for learning intervention on behaviour, well-being, academic engagement, and achievement

Student behaviour and emotional difficulties have ramifications with regard to learning that are of significant concern to teachers, parents, and policy-makers worldwide. Disruptive student behaviour not only impedes learning outcomes for all students, but also impacts negatively on teacher efficacy and well-being. Teachers in hard-to-staff schools tend to feel overwhelmed and undermined by poor student behaviour, low student engagement and motivation, and are therefore less effective in the classroom.

This project aims to address behavioural and emotional difficulties by developing and rigorously evaluating an innovative whole-school ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning Intervention’ for primary and secondary students. As a result, this will create conducive learning contexts for all children.


Professor Rhonda CravenProfessor Alexander Yeung, Professor Margaret Vickers (UWS), Dr Katrina Barker (UWS), Dr Anne Power (UWS), Dr Mary Mooney (UWS), Dr Brenda Dobia (UWS), Mr Phillip Whitefield (DEC), Ms Jill Schofield (DEC)

Start date

14 July 2009

End date

31 December 2014

Funding body

ARC and Department of Education and Communities


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