A longitudinal study into the development of personal vulnerabilities and well-being in adolescence

Why are some adolescents at risk for poor mental health and poor social adjustment? This research study aimed to identify the temperamental and environmental variables that predict the development of character in adolescence and, in turn, the role that developing character plays in promoting social, emotional, and productive well-being.

The study was unique in its comprehensiveness and its assessment of adolescents at multiple levels (eg social environment, individual differences, and biological factors). This research also identified the risk factors for declining adolescent well-being and behavioural adjustment.


Professor Joseph Ciarrochi, Professor Patrick Heaven, Professor Christopher Jackson, Associate Professor Stuart Johnstone, Dr Peter Lesson, Associate Professor Nerina Caltabian

Start date

01 January 2010

End date

21 December 2014

Funding body

Australian Research Council (Future Fellowship & Discovery Project)


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