Kirsty Bergan

Research Project Officer

Kirsty Bergan

Motivation & Behaviour

BHlthSc (PDHPE), GradDipEd (Secondary)


Kirsty is a Research Project Officer for the Motivation and Behaviour lab at IPPE. Kirsty’s role is to provide support with the day-to-day operation of research programs. Kirsty has extensive experience and involvement in recruitment, data collection and intervention delivery. Kirsty maintains a key role in the ‘iPLAY’ project, that focuses on increasing physical activity in primary schools and reducing sedentary behaviour.

Kirsty studied a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in PDHPE at Western Sydney University and then received her Diploma of Education (Secondary) at ACU. Prior to studying, Kirsty worked in health insurance, travel, forensics and allied health before realising she wanted a future in promoting positive health and wellbeing in young people’s lives.

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