Geetanjali Basarkod

Geetanjali Basarkod - Photo 2018 

PhD Candidate

Geet is a final year PhD student who has developed a clinical measure of behaviours that promote well-being. This measure, the Six Ways to Well-Being (6W-WeB), assesses the typical ways in which individuals engage in six behaviours that promote well-being: connecting with others, challenging oneself, giving to others, engaging in physical activity, embracing the moment, and caring for oneself. It further assesses individuals’ motivation for engaging in each behaviour.


  • "The six ways to well-being (6W-WeB): A new measure of valued action that targets the frequency and motivation for six behavioural patterns that promote well-being."

Current projects involved in:

  • Six Ways to Well-Being (6W-WeB)
  • May the Force Be With You: Furthering Fresh Futures for NSW Police Psychological Strengths, Wellbeing, and Retention
  • Psychometric properties of the Social Media Photo Activity, Manipulation, and Investment Scales
  • How do peer networks affect young people’s mental health: A meta-analysis


  • Basarkod, G., Sahdra, B. K., & Ciarrochi, J (2018). Body Image – Acceptance and Action Questionnaire – 5: An abbreviation using Genetic Algorithm. Behavior Therapy, 49, 388-402. doi:10.1016/j.beth.2017.09.006 (SJR [Psychology] = 113, IF = 3.694).
  • Sahdra, B. K., Ciarrochi, J., Parker, P., Basarkod, G., Bradshaw, E., & Baer, R. (2017). Are people mindful in different ways? Disentangling the quantity and quality of mindfulness in latent profiles, and exploring their links to mental health and life effectiveness. European Journal of Personality, 31, 347-365. doi:10.1002/per.2108 (SJR [Psychology] = 48, IF = 3.989).
  • Donald, J. N., Sahdra, B. K., Bradshaw, E., Basarkod, G., Ciarrochi, J., Duineveld, J., Guo, J., & Ryan, R. (2018). Mindfulness and Human Motivation: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Manuscript under review.
  • Ryan, W., Conigrave, J., Basarkod, G., Ciarrochi, J., & Sahdra, B. K. (2018). When is it good to use wristband devices to measure HRV?: Introducing a new method for evaluating the quality of data from photophlethysmography-based HRV devices. Manuscript under review.
  • Basarkod, G. , Sahdra, B. K., Hooper, N., & Ciarrochi, J (2018). The Six Ways to Well-Being (6W-WeB): Assessing the Frequency and Motivation for Six Behaviours Linked to Well-Being. Manuscript in preparation.
  • Duineveld, J., Parker, P., Basarkod, G., Salmela-Aro, K., Ryan, R., & Ciarrochi, J. (2018). A Meta-Analysis of the Link between Autonomous and Controlling Parenting Styles amongst Children, Adolescents, and Emerging Adults: Developmental Stage Matters. Manuscript in preparation.

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