Hye-Ryen Lina Jang

Dr Hye-Ryen Jang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Hye-Ryen (Lina) was a professional pianist and music teacher. Her teaching experience has sparked her interest in research especially in ways to motivate students. With her background in teaching and psychology, she developed teachers’ intrinsic and extrinsic instructional goals and received Ph.D. dissertation titled “The Causal Effects of Different Instructional Goals on Teachers' Motivating Styles" from Korea University. Her research interests focus on teachers’ classroom motivating styles specifically in the role of their instructional goals during instruction. In addition to research, Hye-Ryen loves to read and mediate upon the Bible scriptures, listen to worship songs and try out new restaurants.

Email: Hye-Ryen.Jang@acu.edu.au



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