Dr Geetanjali Basarkod

Dr Geetanjali Basarkod

Research Manager

PhD, BSc (Hons.)

Program: Positive Psychology

Geet recently completed her PhD in Psychology at the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education. Along with her supervisors, Professor Joseph Ciarrochi and Dr. Baljinder Sahdra, she developed the Six Ways to Well-Being (6W-WeB); a questionnaire that assesses the frequency and motivation for six behaviours that promote well-being. It was developed to enable clinicians who use behaviour-based interventions to measure their clients’ well-being in behavioural terms, rather than by measuring affective states or distress symptomology.

Geet now works in the capacity of a postdoctoral researcher with Professor Herb Marsh, in the field of Educational Psychology. She is involved in several projects on self-concept, including those that explore the effects of school types, immigrant status and gender.

Email: geetanjali.basarkod@acu.edu.au



  • Self-concept and the immigrant paradox
  • Designing a PROSOCIAL measure
  • School-type and gender differences in self-concept



  • Sahdra, B. K., Ciarrochi, J., Parker, P., Basarkod, G., Bradshaw, E., & Baer, R. (2017). Are people mindful in different ways? Disentangling the quantity and quality of mindfulness in latent profiles, and exploring their links to mental health and life effectiveness. European Journal of Personality, 31, 347-365. doi:10.1002/per.2108 (SJR [Psychology] = 48, IF = 3.989)
  • Basarkod, G., Sahdra, B. K., & Ciarrochi, J (2018). Body Image – Acceptance and Action Questionnaire – 5: An abbreviation using Genetic Algorithm. Behavior Therapy, 49, 388-402. doi:10.1016/j.beth.2017.09.006 (SJR [Psychology] = 113, IF = 3.694)
  • Ryan, W., Conigrave, J., Basarkod, G., Ciarrochi, J., & Sahdra, B. K. (2019). When is it good to use wristband devices to measure HRV?: Introducing a new method for evaluating the quality of data from photophlethysmography-based HRV devices. PsyArXiv.
  • Doctoral thesis: The Six Ways to Well-Being (6W-WeB)


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