Christoph Niepel - Photo 2019

Dr Christoph Niepel

Research Scientist


Visiting from: Institute of Cognitive Science and Assessment (ECCS unit), Computer-Based Assessment
Maison des Sciences Humaines; 11, Porte des Sciences; L-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette
+352 466644 6747;


Dr Christoph Niepel stays at IPPE from May to November 2019. He is a principal investigator and holds a permanent research scientist position at the University of Luxembourg (Computer-Based Assessment unit), where he conducts research on motivation, personality, and cognition (mainly) in educational psychology. He is an associate editor of Thinking Skills and Creativity.

Currently, he and his team uses e-diary methodology (ambulatory assessment) to examine state aspects and dynamics in students’ academic self-concepts and their perceptions of instructional quality on a lesson-to-lesson basis. Besides that, his research is focusing on students’ learning-related personality aspects and the construction of corresponding short scales.

At IPPE, he collaborates on the microlongitudinal formation and structure of academic self-concept as part of his Dynamics of Academic Self-Concept in Everyday Life project

Current projects involved in

  • Dynamics of academic self-concept in everyday life (DynASCEL; C16/SC/11333571; Luxembourg National Research Fund, FNR); PI: C. Niepel
  • The role of Conscientiousness skills as enhancers of academic success in secondary education (enhance; University of Luxembourg; PI: S. Greiff); Acting PI: C. Niepel


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