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ACU has established the Institute for Philosophy to achieve a world-leading position for philosophical research in the analytic tradition.

We aspire to excellence in the central areas of philosophical inquiry, including metaphysics, epistemology, ethics and metaethics, logic, social and political philosophy, aesthetics, history of philosophy, and the philosophy of mind, language, religion and science.

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We are hiring 4 new continuing research fellows/senior research fellows in Philosophy. The area of specialisation is open. Apply before 3 May 2019.

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With a dedicated focus on research, we emphasise productive collaboration with an international community of scholars and institutions.

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The Institute is home to a vibrant and active team of researchers, who are joined by distinguished affiliated Professorial Fellows.

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Rome seminars

Scholars from around the world unite at our Rome Campus for seminars each year. Joining with the Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry, we will continue to host seminars providing an opportunity for researchers to collaborate and discuss critical questions in the field.

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