Researchers Funder/s Years Title Status
Suzy Edwards, Leon Straker, Andrea Nolan, Michael Hender, Susan Greishber, Kate Highfield, Andi Salamon, Helen Skouteris Australian Research Council (Linkage) LP190100387 2020-2022 Young children in digital society: An Online Tool for service provision New in 2020
Michele Haynes, Joy Cumming, Melanie Spallek, Yoon-Suk Hwang Queensland Government - Department of Education (Education Horizon) 2019 -2020 Factors that impact on long-term achievement and retention for students with autism spectrum disorder in Queensland government schools: Evidence from administrative data Continuing in 2020
Lenore Adie, Claire Wyatt-Smith, Stephen Humphry, Joy Cumming, David Andrich, Christopher De Luca, Terry Gallagher Australian Research Council (Linkage) LP180100046 with the Department of Education and Training, School Curriculum and Standards Authority and Catholic Education Office of WA 2019 - 2021 Improving teacher assessment using exemplars and online moderation Continuing in 2020
Len Unsworth, Kathy Mills, Garry Falloon, Andrew Burn Australian Research Council (Discovery Program) DP190100228 2019 - 2021 Coding animated narratives as contemporary multimodal authorship in schools Continuing in 2020
Kathy Mills Australian Research Council (Future Fellowship) FT180100009 2019 - 2022 Sensory orchestration for multimodal literacy learning in primary education Continuing in 2020
Joy Cumming, Fabienne van der Kleij Dublin City University 2019 Validation of the Teacher Assessment Identity Instrument (TAII) Complete
Joce Nuttall, James McEvoy Australian Research Theology Foundation 2019 The development of educational practices informed by theology of childhood Complete
Claire Wyatt-Smith, Lenore Adie, Michele Haynes, Melanie Spallek 2016 - Ongoing Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA) Implementation and Reporting Ongoing in 2020
Katie Makar, Jill Wells Australian Research Council (Discovery) DP170101993 2017 - 2019 Developing classroom norms of inquiry based learning in mathematics Complete
Karen McLean Australian Research Council (DECRA) DE180100531 2018 - 2020 Caregiver learning about play in community playgroups and social media Ongoing in 2020
Vince Geiger, Gloria Stillman, Jill Brown, Peter Galbraith, Mogens Niss Australian Research Council (Discovery) DP170101555 2017 - 2019 Using mathematics to solve real world problems: The role of enablers Ongoing in 2020
Len Unsworth, Russell Tytler, Kay O?Halloran, Sally Humphrey, Kristina Love, Anne Lynzaat, Sarah Moss-Holland, Emmaleen Oakley, Robert Dullard Australian Research Council (Linkage) with Brunswick Secondary College, Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Roxburgh College and Penola Catholic College LP160100263 2016 - 2019 Multiliteracies for addressing disadvantage in senior school science Ongoing in 2020
Kathy Mills, Len Unsworth, Angela Ferguson, Mark Williamson, Tony Maksoud, Rosalind Clay, Melissa Trembath Australian Research Council (Linkage) with QLD Department of Education and Training, Big Picture Industries Inc, Yugumbir State School, Flagstone State School and Marsden State School LP150100030 2015 - 2019 Developing the multimodal language of emotions of low SES primary schools Ongoing in 2020
Suzy Edwards, Karen McLean, Catherine Healy, Maria Evangelou, Michael Henderson, Andrea Nolan, Helen Skouteris Australian Research Council (Linkage) with Playgroup Victoria LP160101759 2017 - 2020 A best practice framework for playgroups-in-schools Ongoing in 2020
Clarence Ng, Peter Renshaw, Alan Chi Keung Cheung, Barley Mak, Steve Graham Australian Research Council (Discovery) DP180102982 2018 -2020 Raising the bar for economically-disadvantaged students Ongoing in 2020
Joce Nuttall, Linda Henderson, Elizabeth Wood Australian Research Council (Discovery) DP180100281 2018 - 2020 Learning-rich leadership for quality improvement in early education Ongoing in 2020
Kim Nichols, Robyn Gillies, Elizabeth Mackinlay, Michele Haynes, Suzanne Miller, Angela Ferguson, Tania Hall Australian Research Council (Linkage) LP160101374 with QLD Department of Education and Training, Queensland Museum and QGC Pty Limited 2017 - 2021 Community-based STEM professional learning for teachers of middle years Ongoing in 2020
Paul Memmott, Michele Haynes, Timothy O'Rourke, Bernard Baffour Australian Research Council (Discovery) DP160100494 2017 - 2021 Architectural design to improve indigenous health outcomes Ongoing in 2020
Mark Dadds, David Hawes, Divya Mehta, Eva Kimonis, Paul Frick National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) project grant APP1123072 2017 - 2021 An integrated model of environmental, neurodevelopmental, and epigenetic resistance and responsiveness to early intervention in childhood psychopathology. Ongoing in 2020
Mark Dadds, Vaisamma Eapen, Paul Frick, Eva Kimonis, Divya Mehta National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) project grant APP1127952 2017 - 2021 Mapping the specific pathways to early-onset mental health disorders Ongoing in 2020
Kim Beswick, Sharon Fraser, Vince Geiger, Chris Branson, Jenny Martin, Stephen Viller, Helen Watt, Julie Clark, Garry Falloon, Dennis Yarrington, Rob Nairn Australian Government, Department of Education and Training 2018 - 2020 Building the evidence base for improved STEM Learning - Principals as STEM Leaders Ongoing in 2020
Claire Wyatt-Smith Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) 2018 - 2020 Standards, Moderation and Benchmarking in Teaching Performance Assessment Ongoing in 2020
Joy Cumming, Claire Wyatt-Smith, Elizabeth Dickson, Amanda Webster, Karen Harris, Steve Graham Australian Research Council (Discovery) DP150101679 2015 - 2018 Effective Teacher-Based Assessment Adjustments for Students with Disability Complete
Clarence Ng, Merrilyn Goos, Nanette Bahr Australian Research Council (Discovery) DP140101431 2014 - 2018 Is Maths for Me? Understanding and promoting disadvantaged students? academic aspirations for Mathematics Complete
Suzy Edwards, Joce Nuttall, Susan Grieshaber, Elizabeth wood Australian Research Council (Discovery) DP150102040 2015 - 2018 New play pedagogies for teaching and learning in the early years Complete
Claire Wyatt-Smith NESA NSW Education Standards Authority 2017 - 2018 Writing Instruction for Impact (WIFI) Complete
Yoon-Suk Hwang, Harvey Goldstein, Nirbhay Singh Teachers Health Foundation 2017 - 2018 Teacher wellbeing: A key to school and community success Complete
Joce Nuttall, Annette Woods, Sue Shore, Barry Down, Simone White ATEA, AARE, ACDE 2017 - 2018 Building a research-rich teaching profession for Australia Complete
Joce Nuttall Early Childhood Management Services 2017 - 2018 Educational Leader Research and Development Project Complete
Claire Wyatt-Smith Brisbane Catholic Education 2017 - 2018 The next paradigm shift in assessment and large scale education reform in senior schooling: Examining the impact on school leaders, teachers and students Complete
Lenore Adie, Lois Harris, Claire Wyatt-Smith Independent Education Union (IEU) 2018 Evidentiary decision-making: The Nature and Function of Data Walls as Data Visualisation Complete
Lenore Adie Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) 2018 2018 Assessment of Innovative Curriculum project Complete
Joy Cumming, Claire Wyatt-Smith, Lenore Adie, Graham Maxwell, Michele Haynes Queensland Department of Education 2018 Queensland NAPLAN review Complete
Lenore Adie Brisbane Girls Grammar School 2017 - 2018 Evidence of Learning: Changing the role of teachers and students to improve learning Complete
Claire Wyatt-Smith, Joce Nuttall, Alex Kostogriz, Joy Cumming, Gabriele Kaiser, Diana Pullin, Harvey Goldstein, Graham Maxwell, Lenore Adie, Anna Du Plessis Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) 2017 Building an evidence base of teacher quality and classroom readiness: A focus on teaching performance assessments Complete
Lenore Adie, Claire Wyatt-Smith Lourdes Hill College 2017 Assessment Literacy for teachers: improvement Science Complete
Helen Skouteris, Suzy Edwards, Leone Rutherford, Amy Cutter-Mackenzie Australian Research Council (Discovery) DP140100938 2014 - 2017 Promoting healthy eating, active play and sustainability awareness in early childhood curricula: Addressing the Ben10 problem Complete
Vince Geiger Australian Research Council (DECRA) DE150100269 2015 - 2017 Designing and implementing effective cross-curricular numeracy tasks Complete
Kathy Mills Australian Research Council (DECRA) DE140100047 2014 - 2017 Developing the Multimodal Literacy Learning of Indigenous Australian Primary Students through Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being Complete
Clarence Ng, Steve Graham, Karen Harris QLD Department of Education and Training (Education Horizon) 2016 - 2017 Improving disadvantaged students? reading engagement and reading outcomes using student-voice driven and mastery-focused reading models Complete
Claire Wyatt-Smith, Anna Du Plessis Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) 2016 - 2017 Why do people choose teaching as a career? Complete
Claire Wyatt-Smith, Joy Cumming, Len Unsworth, Sally Humphrey, Lenore Adie QLD Department of Education and Training and QLD State Schools Division 2016 - 2018 Research Partnerships and Improvement Science: Using data to inform teaching of writing and assessment Complete
Leon Straker, Erin Howie, Donna Cross, Susan Danby, Kate Highfield, Suzy Edwards, Clare McHugh Healthway 2016 - 2018 Smart Start: a program for healthy mobile technology use by young children Complete
Sue Thomson, Vince Geiger, Lynda Ginsburg, Kees Hoogland, Terry Maguire ACER 2016 - 2017 Proposal to review the PIAAC Numeracy Assessment Framework Complete
Barley Mak, Alan Cheung, Derek Cheung, Pun-hon Ng, Clarence Ng Hong Kong Education Bureau 2015 -2017 Curriculum Survey on Primary Education 2015 Complete
Mark Dadds, Paul Frick et al Movember Foundation 2015 - 2017 Like Father Like Son: A National Approach to Violence, Antisocial Behaviour and the Mental Health pf Men and Boys Complete
Claire Wyatt-Smith, Anna Du Plessis, Christine Jackson, Jenene Rosser Independent Schools Queensland 2016 Curriculum Innovation ? Assessment Complete
Joy Cumming, Lenore Adie, Fabienne van der Kleij Craigslea High School 2016 To strengthen the professional agency of teachers and thereby their impact on learning in the Craigslea State High School context Complete
Sally Humphrey, Trish Weeks, Honglin Chen International Baccalaureate 2015 - 2016 Social constructivist approaches to language learning in multilingual early and elementary years classrooms Complete
Karen McLean, Suzy Edwards Playgroup Victoria 2015 - 2016 Promoting the provision of parental provided play-activities in transition playgroups Complete
Karen McLean, Suzy Edwards Playgroup Victoria 2015 - 2016 Community playgroups - Connecting rural families locally Complete
Suzy Edwards, Helen Skouteris, Andrea Nolan, Linda Henderson auDA Foundation 2015 - 2017 Cyber-safety education in early childhood Complete
Louise Thomas, Joce Nuttall The Gowrie Queensland 2014 Transforming Educational Leadership in Early Childhood Education Complete
Joy Cumming, Fabienne van der Kleij Queensland Studies Authority 2014 Evaluation of the Trial on the Queensland Studies Authority Guideline for Individual Learning (GIL) and Preliminary Consideration of Assessment Issues Complete
Joce Nuttall Independent Schools Victoria 2016 Early Years Transitions Professional Learning Research and Development Project Complete
Suzy Edwards, Joce Nuttall, Daphne Cohen Victorian Government Innovation Fund 2016 An app to support assessment of play and learning in early childhood education Complete
Joy Cumming. Anne Looney National Council for Curriculum and Assessment Ireland 2014 - 2017 Teacher Assessment Identity Instrument - TAII Complete
Rosemary Callingham, Vince Geiger, Kim Beswick, Judy Anderson, Colin Carmichael, Merrilyn Goos, Derek Hurrell, Chris Hurst, Tracey Muir, Stephen Thornton, Helen Watt Office of the Chief Scientist 2015 - 2016 Building an evidence base for national best practice in mathematics education Complete
Jodie Miller, Elizabeth Warren Education Queensland 2014 - 2017 RoleM: An exploration in oral language and mathematical learning Complete
Brendan Bartlett, Clarence Ng, Claire Wyatt-Smith, Morag McArthur Queensland Department of Education and Training 2014 - 2015 Study into the current operations of Queensland's Non-State Special Assistance Schools, State Positive Learning Centres and State Flexi-Schools Complete
Joy Cumming, Claire Wyatt-Smith Australian Research Council (Discovery) DP110104319 2011 - 2014 An investigation of school and teacher use of National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) for student learning Complete
Vince Geiger, Jim Gleeson, Gerard Effeney Brisbane Catholic Education 2013 - 2016 Education for Sustainability in BCE schools; An investigation of policy and practice Complete
Clarence Ng, Claire Wyatt-Smith, Brendan Bartlett Australian Research Council (Discovery) DP110104289 2011 - 2016 Improving disadvantaged students? Reading outcomes through overcoming reading avoidance and building reading engagement Complete
Vince Geiger, Merrilyn Goos, Helen Forgasz Australian Research Council (Discovery) DP120100694 2012 - 2015 Enhancing numeracy learning and teaching across the curriculum Complete
Doug Clarke, Vince Geiger, Wilhemina Van Rooy Office of Learning and Teaching 2013 - 2017 Opening Real Science: Authentic mathematics and science learning for Australia Complete
Karen McLean, Suzy Edwards, Scott Lee, Clare Shaper, Pamela Lambert Ballarat City Council 2013 - 2015 Supported playgroups in schools: stakeholder perspectives on belonging, home learning and young children's play Complete
Claire Wyatt-Smith Queensland Department of Education and Training 2013 - 2014 The intersection of discipline knowledge and standards: A focus on judgement and the expert panels Complete


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