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The Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA) is an integrated competence assessment that connects the academic program with the professional experience. It requires preservice teachers to connect research, theory and practice. The GTPA is a single, authentic assessment undertaken for summative purposes in a final-year professional experience placement. Through examining five core practices of planning, teaching, assessing, reflecting and appraising, it provides large-scale evidence of preservice teachers’ competence for classroom practice and ability to meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the Graduate level

(Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership [AITSL], 2011).

The GTPA is a research-informed teaching performance assessment designed to:

  • meet the new national requirement for all preservice teachers to undertake a summative assessment to demonstrate professional readiness.
  • enable preservice teachers in their final year to demonstrate their ability to engage with the full cycle of teaching practice.
  • enable preservice teachers to demonstrate the impact their teaching has had on student learning.
  • incorporate planning, teaching, assessing, reflecting on and appraising teaching practices as an integrated process.
  • promote strong partnerships across universities, teacher employers, state-based regulatory authorities and other education stakeholders.
  • produce previously unavailable evidence of graduate competence aligned with the Graduate Teacher Standards to contribute to a national evidence base to show the quality of teacher education programs.

The GTPA was endorsed by AITSL in January, 2018 and is now available for implementation in Australian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

To date, fourteen HEIs across six Australian states and territories have joined together as a Collective to implement the GTPA in initial teacher education programs.


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What are School Leaders, Teachers and Supervising Teachers saying about the GTPA?

The GTPA sits within a significant longitudinal project titled, ‘The Standards and Moderation Project’. The Project is separate from the GTPA. Its primary aim is to work in partnership with HEIs in the development of a longitudinal evidence-base that can be used to inform the evaluation and improvement of initial teacher education programs.

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