Numeracy has been a national education priority for more than a decade, yet there appears to be little progress in students’ numeracy performance. A lack of numeracy skills leads to devastating social and economic outcomes for individuals. This project aims to improve students’ numeracy capabilities through:

  1. attention to the design of tasks intended to enhance numeracy learning across the curriculum and
  2. the refinement of teaching practices with a view to improving student performance on both standardized numeracy tests and more realistic, contextualised tasks. The outcomes will generate new theoretical and practical insights into effective numeracy education across the school curriculum.


  • Australian Research Council (Discovery Early Career Research Award), $361,876



Research impact

  1. As numeracy is a general capability included in every subject in the Australian Curriculum, not just
    mathematics, this project has the potential to impact positively on the teaching and learning of all subjects.
  2. Its findings will increase individual capacity to contribute to civic life and the workplace, with resulting
    benefits for Australia’s international competitiveness and development.


November 18, 2016

Chief Investigator/s

Professor Vince Geiger

Research Status




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