This project focuses on the role of Playgroup Development Consultants in connecting rural families to community playgroups. The aim of this project is twofold:

  1. To identify the connections Playgroup Development Consultants establish in local rural communities in terms of support from local venues and key early years services, including Maternal and Child Health, local council and kindergarten services for promoting community playgroups to families; and
  2. To review existing strategies associated with promoting and increasing community playgroup participation in rural communities, and to suggest innovative alternatives for continued participation by families.


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Interview: Professor Suzy Edwards chats to ABC Western Victoria about the importance of playgroups

Do your kids go to playgroup? How much value do you think there is in a playgroup? Professor Susan (Suzy) Edwards – research Director of the Early Childhood Futures research concentration at LSIA – chats to ABC Western Victoria about the importance of playgroups to children, parents and communities.

Interview Audio

Useful link for educators and families

Project findings

Publications and reports will be posted in this section as they become available.

McLean, K., & Edwards, S. (2016). Community playgroups – Connecting rural families locally. Progress Report. Australian Catholic University: Melbourne

McLean, K., Edwards, S., Morris, H., Hallowell, L. & Swinkels, K. (2016). Community playgroups – Connecting rural families locally pilot project.  A Research Report Prepared for Playgroup Victoria. Melbourne: Australian Catholic University.


November 18, 2016

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Professor Susan Edwards

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