This Australian Research Council funded Discovery Project ($422,600 over three years 2019-2021) is led by Professor Len Unsworth with the research team including Professors Kathy Mills from ILSTE at ACU, Garry Falloon from Macquarie University and Andrew Burn from the Institute of Education, University of London and also with Dr Paul Chandler from the FEA at ACU in Melbourne as a key additional team member. The project seeks to develop new teaching pedagogies for students to code animated narratives, integrating previously separated capabilities of multimodal authoring and computational thinking. It prepares students for the emerging communication world where multimodal authoring, coding, and computational thinking will no longer be optional, but requisite in workplaces, education, and cultural life in a digital knowledge economy. The study will be undertaken in primary and secondary schools in Sydney and Melbourne and over the three years a total of eight schools and 300 students will participate. The outcomes include a robust theory and evidence base, teaching exemplars, and curriculum progressions to inform the teaching of coding as core curricula.

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