This project aims to investigate caregiver learning about the provision of children’s play in the home and community by conceptualising learning as an activity enacted within the social situation of community playgroups and affiliated social media. This project expects to generate new knowledge of caregiver learning in this context using the sociocultural concept of learning activity. Expected outcomes include new theorised knowledge for integrating community playgroups and social media for caregiver learning about play. This knowledge should provide significant benefits for caregivers in the provision of play for the betterment of children’s educational outcomes.


  • Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award $369,996



Project Aim

Community playgroups involve caregivers in the voluntary participation of play with their children in localised community settings. Caregivers in community groups are increasingly using social media to plan what they will do with children and to document playgroup activities online for concurrent and later sharing with each other. This project is funded by the Australian Research Council (DECRA) and aims to provide new theorised knowledge of caregiver learning about play within the context of community playgroups and social media use.

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Project Findings

The study commences in 2018. Publications and reports will be posted in this section as they become available.


November 15, 2017

Chief Investigator/s

Dr Karen McLean

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