Program Director

Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith

Assessment standards; initial teacher education; assessment and learning analytics; human judgment and moderation practice; language and literacy education; digital assessment

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Associate Professor Lenore Adie

Assessment; online moderation; standards; teacher judgement; initial teacher education

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Professor Bob Lingard

Sociology of education; policy sociology in education; comparative education; social justice in education; school reform; pedagogies; digital disruption in education

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Professor Michele Haynes

Statistical methodology; longitudinal data analysis; administrative data analysis; data analytics for education research; survey methods

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Dr Lois Harris

Educational assessment; feedback; student engagement

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Professor Clarence Ng

Program Area Director

Literacy engagement; learning; learner diversity; motivation; education reform and pedagogy

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Professor Steve Graham

Writing development and instruction; learning disabilities; the development of self-regulation

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Professor Karen Harris

Theoretically based interventions for the development of academic and self-regulation abilities; students who are at-risk and those with disabilities; effective models of in-service teacher preparation for writing instruction

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Professor Charles Hulme

Reading, language and memory processes; randomized controlled trials in education

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