Professor Vincent Geiger

Research Director and Professor of Mathematics Education
STEM in Education: Design and Growth Across the Disciplines

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0379-4753

Phone: +617 3623 7188


Location: ACU Brisbane Campus

Vince Geiger is a professor of mathematics education within the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education (ILSTE), Australian Catholic University. He is Director of the STEM Education: Design and Growth Across the Disciplines program within ILSTE – an interdisciplinary research space focused on the enabling and transformative role of mathematics within the STEM disciplines and other areas of human endeavour. His work is driven by awareness that the capacity to know and use mathematics confidently is important for an individual's career prospects and their empowerment as informed citizens. This awareness has inspired over 100 research publications.

Vince joined ACU in 2005 after a successful 22-year career as a secondary school teacher of mathematics and science. Over that time, he held national positions such as President of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and Chair of the National Education Forum. He subsequently enrolled in a PhD at The University of Queensland, a qualification he completed in 2009. He progressed rapidly from the award of his PhD to the rank of full professor in 2016.

Vince's research has been supported by $4 million of external competitive funding, including leadership of two ARC Discovery projects and one DECRA. Other recent projects include: 2018-2020 – Principals as STEM Leaders (Department of Education and Training); 2018-2023 - Numeracy Expert Group for the implementation of the 2nd cycle of PIAAC (OECD); 2015-2017 – Opening Real Science (OLT); 2018-2020 – Review of the PIAAC numeracy assessment framework (OECD); and 2015-2016 – Building an evidence base for national best practice in mathematics education (Office of the Chief Scientist).

The excellence of his research was recognised by a Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia Research Award in 2017. His work was further recognised by selection as the Giovanni Prodi Guest Professorship at Wurzburg University in 2018/2019.


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