Professor Gabriele Kaiser

Gabriele Kaiser is a full professor of mathematics education at the Faculty of Education, University of Hamburg. Until recently she held the position of Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Education (2010-2016), being responsible for research, promotion of young researchers and international cooperation.

Prof Kaiser is a world renowned international scholar whose work includes empirical studies on teacher education and teachers’ professionalism, modelling and applications in school classrooms, international comparative studies, gender and cultural aspects in mathematics education. This work has yielded over 200 research publications contributing to an h-index of 31 (Publish or Perish) providing evidence that she is a significant international leader in mathematics education.

Prof Kaiser’s most recent research is in teacher education from an international comparative perspective. Together with Sigrid Blömeke and Rainer Lehman (both Humboldt-University, Berlin) she conducted the IEA Teacher Education Study in Mathematics (TEDS-M) (2006 – 2010), research supported by the German Research Society. The study compared the efficiency of teacher education in various countries at primary and secondary level. This research was continued through a Follow-up Study of TEDS-M, TEDS-FU, funded by the German Research Society, in which the cohort of future teachers tested in TEDS-M was followed into their practical work in school.

Currently  Gabriele Kaiser, Johannes König (University of Cologne) and Sigrid Blömeke (now director of CEMO, University of Oslo) are conducting the studies TEDS-Instruct and TEDS-Validate, the latter being financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as a continuation of the TEDS Follow-Up study. In both studies relations between teachers’ professional competences and students’ learning gains are examined with instructional quality as mediator variable.

Together with Eva Arnold Gabriele Kaiser is directing the project „Professionelles Lehrerhandeln zur Förderung fachlichen Lernens unter sich verändernden gesellschaftlichen Bedingungen (ProfaLe)“ – „Professional Teachers‘ Acting for Promoting Subject-based Learning under Changing Societal Conditions“ within the framework of the „Quality Campaign for Teacher Education“ („Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung“),  financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). She is focusing the integration of subject teaching and teaching of mathematics education within teacher education and lingual aspects within mathematics teaching.

Since 2005, Prof Kaiser has served as Editor-in-chief of ZDM Mathematics Education, published by Springer, a highly regarded journal in mathematics education. Additionally, she is series editor for two significant publications in the field, International Perspectives on the Teaching of Mathematical Modelling (with A/Prof Stillman), an important outlet for research in applications of mathematics, as well as Advances in Mathematics Education.

Prof Kaiser has served as President of ICTMA (2007-2011) and more recently was Convenor of ICME-13, the most significant conference in mathematics education globally, held only every four years. This conference attracted 3,500 participants including most major figures in mathematics education. She is currently editing the series ICME-13 Topical Surveys and ICME-13 Monographs, published by Springer as an outcome of this conference, comprising about 30 monographs. Until now she has supervised 18 PhD students with 8 former PhD-students already having a professorship in mathematics education. Currently, she is supervising 15 PhD-students and 4 post-doc-researchers with 2 being from China.

Research interests

Empirical research on teacher education and teacher professional development

Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Modelling

Gender aspects in mathematics teaching

International comparison studies on mathematics teaching

Mathematics learning in the context of lingual-cultural diversity

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