Phung Tien Nguyen

HDR Student

Research interests

Multimodality, SFL, Pragmatics, Applied Linguistics, TESOL


WUS (World University Service) scholarship for the best undergraduate student of the university

QNU (Quy Nhon University) award for the best student of the undergraduate academic course

EMMA (Eramus Mundus) grant for visiting scholar to Evora University, Portugal

ACUPA-I (Australian Catholic University Postgraduate Award for International Student)


Nguyen, Tien Phung, Nguyen, Quang Ngoan, Trends in Researching Vietnamese-English Cross-Cultural Pragmatics, Language and Life, Volume 9 (143), p.26-29 2007.

Nguyen, Tien Phung, Vietnamese-American Address Forms in Expressing Annoyance between People of Different Social Distance, Journal of Science of Quy Nhon University, Volume VI, Issue 3, p.123-134, 2011

Nguyen, Tien Phung, Pham, Thi My Dung,  Some Common Linguistics Problems of 4th year General English Students at Quy Nhon University in Vietnamese-English Translation of Economic Texts: Facts and Solutions,  Journal of Science of Quy Nhon University, Volume VIII, Issue 3, p.93-104,  2014.

Nguyen, Tien Phung, Le, Thuy Tien, A Study on TOEFL iBT Academic Lectures listening of the Third-Year English Majors at Quy Nhon University and Suggested Strategies for Self-Study  Journal of Science of Quy Nhon University, Volume IX, Issue 3, p.25-38, 2015.

Nguyen, Tien Phung, Current trends in Researching Multimodality, Language and Life, Volume 9 (239), p.48-51. 2015.

Nguyen, Tien Phung, Book Review: John A. Bateman, Text and Image – A Critical Introduction to the Visual/ Verbal Divide. London and New York: Routledge, 2014. 276pp. Visual Communication. London, 2016, Volume 15, Issue 3, p.393-400.2016.

Research projects

Nguyen, Tien Phung,English Inversion and its Vietnamese Equivalents. Department level, Quy Nhon University, 2008

Nguyen, Tien Phung,A Study on Some Features of Economic Reading Texts, Department level, Quy Nhon University, 2009

Nguyen, Tien Phung, Nguyen, Hoai Dung, An Investigation into Applying TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) Teaching to Students of Economics and Business Administration at Quy Nhon University, University level, 2011.



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