Alinta Brown

Research Assistant

Alinta is situated within the Learning and Learners research concentration. She works on the ARC Discovery Project which investigates the engagement and interest of particular student groups in advanced mathematics. Alinta undertakes this research in secondary schools using multiple methods of data collection. She has previously contributed to research in the areas of access to higher education and under-representation of specific population groups, intellectual disability and Positive Behaviour Support, and engagement.

+617 3623 6167

Level 4, 229 Elizabeth St, Brisbane QLD 4000, Australia

Research interests

  • Engagement
  • Cross-cultural comparative research
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches
  • Critical thinking and pedagogy



Brown, A. (2016). UQYAP Impact Research Project Report 2010-2015: Understanding impact and outcomes from the UQ Young Achievers Program. Brisbane, QLD: University of Queensland.

Brown, A. (2015). UQYAP Impact Research Project, Annual Report 2014: Understanding impact and outcomes from the UQ Young Achievers Program. Brisbane, QLD: University of Queensland.

Brown, A., Jansen, D., & Cuthill, M., 2009, Evaluation Report: Professional Development Workshops, Your NICK.ed Internet and Chat Room Safety Program, Ipswich, QLD: Lead On Australia.

Conference paper and presentations

Nankervis, K., Townsend, C., Couzens, D., Lyons, I., Brown, A., & Mee, B. (2010). Challenging behaviour and restrictive practices: A review of progress since 2006. In: Special Issue: Abstracts of the Third International Conference of IASSID. Third International Conference of IASSID – Europe, Rome, Italy, (425-425). 20-22 October 2010.

Townsend, C., Pham, A., Brown, A., & Carroll, M. (2013). Intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviour among Indigenous Australians. In: Abstracts of the 3rd IASSIDD Asia-Pacific Conference. 3rd IASSIDD Asia-Pacific Conference, Tokyo, Japan, (176-177). 22-24 August 2013.

Journal articles

Carroll, M., Townsend, C., Brown, A., & Nankervis, K. (2015). Population statistics as a source of intellectual disability data and possible indicators of co-occurring challenging behaviours in Indigenous adults. .Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, 40(3), 304-308.

Cuthill, M. & Brown, A. (2010). Sceptics, utilitarians and missionaries: Senior managers’ perceptions of engagement in an Australian research university. Australasian Journal of University Community Engagement, 52, 126-146. 


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