The Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education is an interdisciplinary research institute focused on making a difference to children's lives.

The Institute focuses on 21st Century teaching and learning, diversity, innovation and engagement with improving learning outcomes at the core of what we do.

Making a difference

Our mission

Engage in vigorous, socially relevant and ethically committed research to improve outcomes for children, teachers and the wider community.

Our researchers

We are a national research institute hosting a team of eminent researchers and international scholars undertaking funded research studies with a range of government and industry partners.


We prioritise connecting our research with policy and practice. We achieve this by providing a forum for researchers, scholars, policy-makers and practitioners to collaborate and share evidence-based knowledge to enhance quality teaching and learning.

Research alignment

Our research is premised on the idea that education, health and well-being predicate life opportunities. Researchers undertake investigations that generate new knowledge in education and learning including cognitive and non-cognitive aspects. While we span various disciplines, our common goal is to remove barriers to learning and thereby enhance social and economic participation of all.

Our research community

We engage with our research and industry partners, and the wider community through four key avenues of research activity.

parterning  sharing 
We work with our research and industry partners to identify and develop shared research priorities for the purpose of combining resources to leverage national and international support. Partnering in research is a joint commitment throughout the life of the project, where our researchers work closely with our industry partners in the research. We have a number of avenues for sharing our current research findings including: Dialogue Series, Invitational Series, International Conferences, and our Research Bulletin. In these events our focus is on how the research impacts practice and policy, and where future research should be directed. These opportunities are advertised on our website and through emails. If you wish to be contacted about these opportunities, please email
 participating  training
Opportunities to engage with our funded research projects on strategic priorities of interest are always available. Participating in research is high in benefit and varied in time commitment dependent on the research project. We work with research students in a range of disciplines and methodologies. Our focus is on developing student knowledge for them to apply in research, practice and policy settings. Our research scholarships are aligned to funded research projects, which are advertised throughout the year 2016. Our research training opportunities also include us working with our industry partners through opportunities for secondments.

Our research connects across discipline, and across policy and practice

ILSTE has six areas of research concentration within which are numerous funded research projects. Our research concentrations have been designed to overlap so researchers can engage with more than one project across disciplines. As such, our research projects span diverse fields and contexts, including community outreach, education, hospitals, policy, economics, and law.

A priority focus for our research is on connecting our research with policy and practice. We achieve this by providing a forum for researchers, scholars, policy-makers and practitioners to collaborate and share evidence-based knowledge to address barriers to achievement and learning engagement.

Connections in our research across discipline, and with policy and practice, offer significant opportunities for postdoctoral candidates, early career researchers and higher degree research students.


ILSTE researchers

We are committed to:

  • ensuring ethical research practices
  • generating knowledge
  • collaborating with researchers who are leaders in their fields
  • connecting disciplines that are concerned with various contexts that encompass children's lives
  • working closely and collaboratively with out research partners
  • undertaking research that focuses on systems and supports, to address the barriers that children, their families, teachers and schools may experience
  • disseminating research outcomes and addressing implications with research partners, policy-makers and the wider community

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Our research aims

ILSTE aims to undertake high-quality research to:

  • advance and create new knowledge and understanding, with subsequent implications for practice, policy and further research
  • develop evidence on effective interventions
  • strengthen systems that support positive outcomes for children, young people and their families
  • establish and maintain a high-quality research environment to facilitate the collaboration of researchers, institute members and industry partners in scientific inquiry.

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