Members of the Dianoia Institute of Philosophy regularly write, do and speak about philosophy for a public audience.


Richard Rowland co-produced an episode of the popular philosophy podcast, Hi-Phi Nation. He discusses freedom and hostile design.

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Richard Rowland and Stephanie Collins talk about organizational wrongdoing on Dialogues, a philosophy podcast.

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Richard Rowland host six episodes of Dialogues.

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Tyler Paytas’ research on fear and virtue theory was the topic of an episode of ABC’s The Philosopher’s Zone.

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Stephanie Collins talks about effective altruism at Stand Up Philosophy.

Richard Rowland talks about hedonism and the experience machine for Wireless Philosophy.


Nevin Climenhaga writes about why probability is not as simple as we think for Aeon.

Stephanie Collins writes about who’s to blame for wrongdoing in the banking sector for ABC News.

Tyler Paytas writes about the ethics of Animal Activism for ABC News.

Tyler Paytas writes about the ethics of research on animals for The Conversation.

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