Roger Crisp (ACU/Oxford), David Killoren (ACU), Richard Rowland (ACU/Leeds), and Julian Savulescu (Oxford) are organizing a workshop on utilitarian approaches in animal ethics. The workshop will take place in the Department of Philosophy at Oxford University, September 9-11.

Confirmed participants (in addition to the organizers) include Lucius Caviola, Julia Driver, Bob Fischer, Guy Kahane, Molly Gardner, Adam Lerner, Emilian Mihailov, Clare Palmer, and Jeff Sebo, among others. 

A central theme of the workshop will be hybrid views in animal ethics. Hybrid views recommend a utilitarian approach toward cases of interest in animal ethics while recommending a deontological approach in other areas. Hybrid views have been articulated in the literature (most famously by Robert Nozick) but have not until quite recently been given much attention. New empirical research (some of which will be presented for the first time at the workshop) suggests that a hybrid view may underlie much ordinary moral thought and talk.

Given this, it is high time for hybrid views to be given sustained philosophical attention. The workshop will provide an occasion for that. The workshop will also allow for presentation of papers on a diverse range of other topics concerning moral psychology, utilitarianism, and animal ethics. 

Research Team

David Killoren (Lead)

Roger Crisp

Richard Rowland

Julian Savulescu (University of Oxford)

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