The concept of probability is important to many debates in philosophy, including debates about causation, explanation, free will, evidence, knowledge, rational belief, rational decision, and the interpretation of scientific theories.

On 01-02 November, the Institute for Philosophy will host a two-day workshop to explore both the nature of probability and the role that it plays in philosophical debates. This workshop aims to make progress on integrating contributions to the philosophy of probability from diverse sub-disciplines such as metaphysics, epistemology, decision theory, and philosophy of science.

The speakers for the workshop will include Alan Hájek (Australian National University), Jenann Ismael (Columbia University), Brian Hedden (University of Sydney), Zach Barnett (National University of Singapore), and Nevin Climenhaga (Australian Catholic University).

We also invite abstracts from graduate students and early-career scholars who are interested in presenting at the workshop. The deadline for abstract submission is 15 May.

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