Our research is focused on ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, history of philosophy, social and political philosophy, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of religion. Our members have been published in world-class analytic philosophy journals and their books have been published with internationally renowned academic publishers such as Oxford University Press.

Recent research

Sam Baron

Sam Baron, who will be joining the Institute in December, 2019, has examined the laws of and nature of space and time, skepticism about metaphysics, and metaphysical and mathematical explanation.

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Nevin Climenhaga

Nevin Climenhaga has published papers on the use of intuitions as evidence, inference to the best explanation, and the problem of evil in Mind , Journal of Philosophy, and Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

Stephanie Collins

Stephanie Collins  has published work on collective duties, collective responsibility, group agency, and group responsibility in the Journal of Philosophy, the Journal of Business Ethics , and the Journal of Social Philosophy. Her book, Group Duties: their existence and their implications for individuals is forthcoming with Oxford University Press.

Stephen Finlay

Stephen Finlay has published papers and chapters on normativity, disagreement, philosophy of law, deontic modals, and conceptual analysis in metaethics.

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David Killoren

David Killoren has published papers on utilitarianism about animals, the morality of using animals, and the relationship between different normative domains in Philosophical Studies, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, and Oxford Studies in Metaethics.

Ole Koksvik

Ole Koksvik has recently published a paper on the morality of profiting from poverty in the Canadian Journal of Philosophy. His book, Intuition as Conscious Experience is forthcoming with Routledge.

Tyler Paytas

Tyler Paytas has published papers on Kant's philosophy of religion in Kantian Review and Faith and Philosophy, as well as papers on Plato and the Ring of Gyges in Phronesis. He is currently editing a volume on Kantian and Sidgwickian Ethics (under contract with Routledge).

Richard Rowland

Richard Rowland has recently published a book, The Normative and the Evaluative: The Buck-Passing Account of Value with Oxford University Press. He also has recently published and has forthcoming work on moral disagreement, moral error theory, and normativity more generally.

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Our projects

Richard Rowland and David Killoren recently conducted a study into moral disagreements, inspired by deliberative polls.

Nevin Climenhaga is working on probability in philosophy and the Institute will host a two day workshop in November to explore both the nature of probability and the role that it plays in philosophical debates.

Roger Crisp, David Killoren, Richard Rowland together with Julian Savulescu from Oxford are examining utilitarian approaches in animal ethics with a three-day workshop planned at Oxford University in September, 2019.

Tyler Paytas is researching the history of ethical impartialism with a two-year grant from the Australia-Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme. He will run a three day workshop in October at Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie with his German collaborator, Christian Seidel (KIT).

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