Dr David Killoren

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Areas of expertise: moral philosophy

Phone: +61 0416711324

Email: david.killoren@acu.edu.au

Location: ACU Melbourne Campus

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3986-7803

My central project at the moment is a book-in-progress co-authored with Rob Streiffer entitled Our Relationships with Animals. The book aims to make significant contributions in both normative ethics and in practical ethics. We develop a (broadly) Rossian ethical pluralism and defend a number of new claims about the nature and moral significance of relationships. And we make use of these ideas in order to propose and defend new ideas about some of the most widely discussed issues in animal ethics, including the use of animals in agriculture and experimentation, the ethics of human-animal companionship, conservation ethics, wild animal suffering, and more.

I have interests in each of the main subdivisions of moral philosophy. In metaethics, I’m particularly interested in trying to solve problems for non-naturalist moral realism; I’m also interested in issues related to normative domain pluralism. In normative ethics, I’m interested in a range of topics having to do with the moral significance of relationships. In practical ethics, I’m interested in animal ethics as well as political ethics, philosophy of activism, and (recently) ethical issues raised by the pandemic.

I did my PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I’m originally from Saint Louis, Missouri, and I did my undergrad work at Saint Louis University. Prior to coming to ACU, I taught at Coastal Carolina University and Northwestern University.

Curriculum vitae

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Select publications

  • ‘Utilitarianism about Animals and the Moral Significance of Use’ (w/Rob Streiffer) 
    Philosophical Studies 177 (2020), pp. 1043-1063
  • ‘Infinitism about Cross-Domain Conflict’
    Oxford Studies in Metaethics14 (2019), pp. 144-166
  • ‘Animal Confinement and Use’ (w/Rob Streiffer) 
    Canadian Journal of Philosophy 49, 1 (2019): 1-21
  • ‘A Demarcation Problem for Political Discourse’ (w/Jonathan Lang and Bekka Williams) in Crookston, Killoren, and Trerise (eds.),
    Ethics in Politics: The Rights and Obligations of Individual Political Agents. Routledge (2017), pp. 181-201
  • ‘Why Care About Moral Fixed Points?’ 
    Analytic Philosophy 57, 2 (2016): 165-173
  • ‘Robust Moral Realism: An Excellent Religion’ 
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 79, 2 (2016): 223-237

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