We host a team of eight full-time researchers, as well as affiliated professorial fellows. As a new institute, we plan to make multiple appointments over the next few years.

Our staff

We are currently recruiting for multiple positions:


Stephen Finlay Professor Stephen Finlay

Professor Stephen Finlay will commence his role as Director of the Institute for Philosophy from May 2019.

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Nevin ClimenhagaDr Nevin Climenhaga

My research interests include epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, metaphysics, and ethics. I have published papers on Bayesian confirmation theory, inference to the best explanation, causal inference, the use of intuitions in philosophy, and the problem of evil. 

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Stephanie CollinsDr Stephanie Collins

My research primarily concerns the philosophy of groups, that is, how we should conceptualise groups’ ontological status, mental and epistemic capacities, agency, responsibility, and duties.

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David KillorenDr David Killoren

David Killoren was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and did his undergraduate work at St. Louis University.

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Ole KoksvikDr Ole Koksvik

My research is focused in two areas. At the intersection of philosophy of mind and epistemology I focus on conscious experience, especially on its role in human rationality.

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Tyler PaytasDr Tyler Paytas

My primary research interests are in ethical theory and the history of ethics.

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Richard RowlandDr Richard Rowland

Richard Rowland works on meatethics, normativity, and moral epistemology.

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Dr Sam Baron

Profile coming soon.

Professorial fellows


Mark AlfanoProfessor Mark Alfano

Mark Alfano’s work in moral psychology encompasses subfields in both philosophy (ethics, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind) and social science (social psychology, personality psychology).

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Robert AudiProfessor Robert Audi

Professor Audi is John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana and Professorial Fellow at the Australian Catholic University.

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Tony CoadyProfessor Tony Coady

Tony Coady is one of Australia’s best-known philosophers. He joined ACU’s Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry as Honorary Professor in 2017, and is an Honorary Professor at the University of Melbourne.

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Roger CrispProfessor Roger Crisp

Roger Crisp is Uehiro Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at St Anne’s College, Oxford, and Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Oxford.

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Eleonore StumpProfessor Eleonore Stump

Professor Stump is Robert J. Henle Professor of Philosophy at Saint Louis University, Missouri and Professorial Fellow at Australian Catholic University.

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