ACU and Teachers Mutual Bank Limited have cemented a partnership which involves a three-year collaboration program around scholarships, promotion of diversity and inclusion, guest lectures in areas such as cybersecurity, ethical banking or budgeting, opportunities for student internships and work placement, innovation, and translational research projects towards ethical and positive societal impact.

Commencing in 2022 Teachers Mutual Bank Limited (TMBL) has established three ACU Scholarships after its subsidiary organisations; Teachers Mutual Bank, Health Professional Bank and UniBank. These scholarships aim to provide financial support for teachers, nurses and those wanting to pursue further qualifications in their chosen field.

The scholarships are equity based and provide an opportunity for students who may have overcome barriers to Higher Education to access assistance.

Like ACU, TMBL is values based, with a strong focus on ethical, responsible and sustainable practices.

Explore the Health Professionals Bank Scholarship
Explore the Teachers Mutual Bank Scholarship
Explore the UniBank Postgraduate Scholarship

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