Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research (MMIHR) aims to address critical public health issues by identifying and responding with innovative programs that deliver better health outcomes and transform lives. 

MMIIHR brings national and international health experts together with leading organisations across a broad portfolio of health-related research areas. By fostering an environment of collaborative research, without discipline-based boundaries, the impact MMIHR can make is profound and extensive. Our team of prominent researchers are driven to improve the quality of health interventions through research that tests and improves the effectiveness of existing health-related programs, health service delivery and health education, and community planning and design. Our research enables us to develop and shape individual, social and community programs based on a rigorous analysis and synthesis of observational and experimental data, from the molecular to societal level.

At MMIHR, we emphasise the importance of translating research findings into practical health initiatives that produce real outcomes. 

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