Dr Michael Noetel

Senior Lecturer, School of Behavioural and Health Sciences

Motivation and Behaviour Program, Institute for Positive Psychology and Education

Areas of expertise: systematic reviews; meta-analysis; knowledge translation; decision-making; effective altruism

HDR Supervisor accreditation status: Full

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6563-8203

Phone: +61 0414 822 353

Email: michael.noetel@acu.edu.au

Location:  ACU Brisbane Campus

What actually works to make the world a better place? I want to help decision-makers choose what works as they lead others to create change. I use my expertise in systematic reviews and meta-analyses to figure out what works and why. I use this knowledge to change behaviour in health, education, sport, and the broader community. I have received national awards for outstanding teaching and have an emerging track record of publishing high-quality research. I have also used this background to have an impact in the community, from high-performance sport to executives from the wealth and financial services industries. I hope to help people change their own behaviour—and the behaviour of others—to live more effective, inspiring, and high-performing lives.

Some key questions I have worked on include:

  • How do we improve the health of children and adolescents at scale?
  • How do we motivate and engage young people in school and sport?
  • How do we help people donate more money to (effective) charities?
  • What are the real effects of screen time on children?
  • Does mindfulness improve performance?
  • Does video work in education? How do we make it better?

More generally, I am interested in questions that focus on impartially improving welfare. I am increasingly focused on questions that are important, neglected, and tractable, with a long-term view of the future. I supervise using an autonomy supportive style and agile/scrum structure providing the supports students need to thrive. With broad substantive and methodological expertise, I hope to help students explore important questions in the most effective way.

Curriculum vitae

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Select publications

  • M Noetel, S Griffith, O Delaney, T Sanders, P Parker, B del Pozo Cruz, ... (2021). Video Improves Learning In Higher Education: A Systematic Review. Review of Educational Research, 91(2), 204-236. Impact Factor: 8.241
  • TB Hartwig, T Sanders, D Vasconcellos, M Noetel, PD Parker, DR Lubans, ... (2021). School-Based Interventions Modestly Increase Physical Activity And Cardiorespiratory Fitness But Are Least Effective For Youth Who Need Them Most: An Individual Participant .... British Journal of Sports Medicine, Impact Factor: 7.867
  • B del Pozo Cruz, TB Hartwig, T Sanders, M Noetel, P Parker, D Antczak, ... (2021). The Effects Of The Australian Bushfires On Physical Activity In Children. Environment International, 146, 106214. Impact Factor: 7.297
  • J Lee, T Sanders, D Antczak, R Parker, M Noetel, P Parker, C Lonsdale (2021). Influences On User Engagement In Online Professional Learning: A Narrative Synthesis And Meta- Analysis. Review of Educational Research, 0034654321997918. Impact Factor: 8.241
  • DR Lubans, JJ Smith, N Eather, AA Leahy, PJ Morgan, C Lonsdale, M Noetel ... (2020). Time- Efficient Intervention To Improve Older Adolescents’ Cardiorespiratory Fitness: Findings From The ‘Burn 2 Learn’ Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial. British Journal of Sports Medicine, Impact Factor: 7.867
  • PD Parker, B Van Zanden, HW Marsh, K Owen, JJ Duineveld, M Noetel (2020). The Intersection Of Gender, Social Class, And Cultural Context: A Meta-Analysis. Educational Psychology Review, 32(1), 197-228, Impact Factor: 4.797
  • M Noetel, J Ciarrochi, B Van Zanden, C Lonsdale (2019). Mindfulness And Acceptance Approaches To Sporting Performance Enhancement: A Systematic Review. International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 12(1), 139-175
    — 75 citations, Impact Factor: 14.333
  • SR Valkenborghs, M Noetel, CH Hillman, M Nilsson, JJ Smith, FB Ortega, ... (2019). The Impact Of Physical Activity On Brain Structure And Function In Youth: A Systematic Review. Pediatrics, 144(4), Impact Factor: 5.515
  • T Sanders, PD Parker, B del Pozo-Cruz, M Noetel, C Lonsdale (2019). Type Of Screen Time Moderates Effects On Outcomes In 4013 Children: Evidence From The Longitudinal Study Of Australian Children. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 16(1), 1-10, Impact Factor: 5.548
  • B del Pozo-Cruz, F Perales, P Parker, C Lonsdale, M Noetel, KD Hesketh, ... (2019). Joint Physical-Activity/Screen-Time Trajectories During Early Childhood: Socio-Demographic Predictors And Consequences On Health-Related Quality-Of-Life And Socio-Emotional .... International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 16(1), 1-13, Impact Factor: 5.548


  • Square eyes or all lies? Understanding children’s exposure to screens
    Australian Research Council Discovery Project (Ref: DP200101912)
    Lonsdale, C., Biddle, S., Parker, P., Doherty, A., Signal, L., Baranowski, T., Salmela-Aro, K., Stevens, R., Rissel, C., Sanders, T., del Pozo Cruz, B., Noetel, M.
    — $658,544
  • PLAY for Inclusion — Teachers working with children with intellectual disability Move It AUS - Participation Grants Program (Ref: PAR006502018)
    Noetel, M., Lonsdale, C., Temple, V., Tracey, V., Bennie, A., & Lubans, D.
    — $268,802
  • Engaging students during the early years of secondary school (iTEACH Project) Australian Research Council Discovery Project (Ref: DP160102625)
    Lonsdale, C., Diezmann, C., Ntoumanis, N., Yeung, A., Ryan, R., Beauchamp, M., Maeder, A. & Noetel, M.
    — $590,000

Accolades and awards

  • Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academic (SFHEA)
  • Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
    Australian Awards for University Teaching
  • Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
    Australian Catholic University
  • Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Learning and Teaching (Team Award)
    Australian Catholic University, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Citations (Early Career) for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
    Australian Catholic University

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