Current students

Atheer Al-khalfa

Thesis title: 'Some Meta-Semantic Issues in the Philosophy of Language'
Supervisors: John Hawthorne and Kyle Blumberg
Research Summary: I am mainly interested in issues relating to meaning and reference. My PhD looks at certain meta-semantic problems related to proper names.

Danny Wardle

Thesis title: 'How Many Things There Are'
Supervisors: John Hawthorne and Samuel Baron
Research Summary: My research is in metaphysics, broadly construed. I am currently focusing on issues at the intersection of social metaphysics and philosophy of language, including the ontology of social groups and the concept of universalism in welfare policy. I am also interested in questions regarding the persistence of ordinary objects.

Jessica Pohlmann

Thesis title:  'Metaphysics and Spacetime Emergence'
Supervisors: Sam Baron and Peter Fritz
Research Summary: In my thesis, I explore some metaphysical models of emergent spacetime. Further, I consider what implications dependent spacetime might have for metaphysical debates that presuppose that spacetime is fundamental.

Nurit Blaustein

Thesis title:  'The ends we ought to have'
Supervisors: Steve Finlay and Sam Carter
Research Summary: A common objection to naturalists is that they are unable to settle questions of which ends one ought to have. In my thesis I argue that naturalists can settle the question of which ends one ought to have in order to be able to rationally solve political disagreements, and that this is the only question of which ends one ought to have that naturalists should settle.


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