The Rome seminar series commenced in September 2015 under the Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry. The series draws together world-leading scholars to discuss critical questions in relevant disciplines.

The seminars are a practical expression of our ongoing commitment to innovative, high-quality, international research collaboration. They provide a collaborative space to craft ideas in conversation with other researchers. Outcomes arising from the seminars have been published or accepted for publication by high-quality journals and publishers.

2022 seminar

Dianoia/Leeds Rome- Normativity Workshop

Time: 20-22 sep

2020 seminar

Due to covid-19 the Rome seminars scheduled for 2020 will be rescheduled for 2021 once international travel bans are lifted

2019 seminars

In March 2019 the Religion and Democracy seminar, third of the Global Issues in Ethics series, will be convened by Professor Robert Audi. The seminar will focus on the limits of liberty: the freedom of individuals and the security of nations.

In October 2019 a seminar on de-moralizing ethical theory will be convened by Roger Crisp, Tyler Paytas, and Richard Rowland. The seminar will focus on the question of whether distinctively moral concepts such as ‘duty’ and ‘permissible’ ought to be de-emphasized in ethical theorizing.

Previous seminars

A seminar series on global issues in ethics, convened by Professor Robert Audi, has been held at the University's Rome Campus over three consecutive years with ACU scholars and more than twenty collaborators from institutions across Europe, North America and Australia.

Global Issues in Ethics seminar series:

Also in previous years, philosophers from the Institute have run seminars on other topics in ethics and metaethics:

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