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ACU is committed to developing real-world impact and outcomes from research translation, demonstrating tangible local, national and international social, cultural and economic benefits.

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Engagement and impact assessment (EI)

EI is a companion exercise to Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), developed to assess how well university researchers are engaging with end-users and translating their research into economic, social, environmental, cultural and other impacts. 

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ACU research excels in EI 2018

Research excellence at ACU has been further recognised by the Australian Research Council (ARC) for its significant impact in advancing health, education and social outcomes for Australians as part of the inaugural Engagement and Impact assessment.

Approach to impact champion

Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith is Director of ACU’s Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education. A Professor of Educational Assessment and Literacy, her research focuses on professional judgment, standards and moderation, with an aligned focus on curriculum and literacy education. Professor Wyatt-Smith is an approach to impact champion at ACU.

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Research engagement champion

Professor Michael Ondaatje is the Deputy Director of the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences at ACU. A historian by training, he played an important role in preparing our high-scoring engagement submission in FoR 21—History and Archaeology—for the inaugural EI assessment. Professor Ondaatje is an engagement champion at ACU.

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Meet ACU Engagement

ACU Engagement undertakes the collection and reporting of research engagement and impact data; and the development and implementation of policies and strategies to increase research engagement and impact at ACU. We also work with faculties and research institutes to encourage, facilitate and promote research engagement and impact outcomes.

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Engagement and Impact Assessment (EI)

EI assesses how well university researchers are engaging with end-users and translating their research into real-world impacts. In the 2018 assessment ACU was recognised for its significant impact in advancing health, education and social outcomes.

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Research and Enterprise

Our research and enterprise activities embrace the full life cycle of research, from knowledge creation to its translation and application towards real-world outcomes.

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Our research institutes

Founded on the principles of social justice and the common good, our research institutes make an impact around the world across industries and communities, and in the lives of individuals.

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Higher Degree Research

At ACU we welcome you to your research journey. A research degree is an opportunity to conduct research that will help solve the critical social challenges we face in the world today.

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Ethics and integrity in research

Our researchers understand they hold a privileged position; their work has great potential to benefit individuals and society. As such, we have a duty to conduct research to the highest standards.

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