Why study this course?

  • Receive instruction, practice and feedback on the tasks and skills necessary for the OET
  • Familiarise yourself with the requirements of the OET
  • Gain confidence and fluency in your communication within the context of your discipline.
  • Ideal course for current students, students with tertiary study experience, and overseas qualified Health Professionals
  • Part time mode to suit the needs of full time students or qualified health professionals

About this course

ACU’s OET preparation program focuses on giving you a clear understanding of the OET and its requirements while improving the four macro skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking.

You will receive instruction and feedback on your ability to communicate quickly and accurately in a clinical context, write profession-specific documents, read and comprehend complex articles, and speak and listen in a variety of professional situations.

The course is organised around a series of workshops and mock tests to give you practice in the skills required to perform well in the test.

The course is offered on a part-time or full-time basis, often during semester breaks. Please see details below:

More information

To find out more information about the Occupational English Test Preparation Course, visit the ACU course browser.

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