In response to the financial impact of Covid-19 on international students the Queensland Government has created International Student Welfare grants (ISWG). 


The Queensland Government in conjunction with ACU is providing welfare grants up to $1,000 per student.

Students who have received funds from the University’s Student Urgent Relief Fund will have the amount already awarded deducted from any welfare grants issued to them.


The grant from the Queensland is up to $500 and this will be matched by the University.  The Queensland Government has contributed $80,560 in grant funding.
Students who received funds from the Unviersity’s Student Urgent Relief Fund will have the amount already awarded deducted from any additional welfare grant funds issued to them.


To be considered for a Queensland International Student Welfare Grant you must be an international student who:

  • is on a student visa that expires after 30 June 2020
  • is studying onshore in Australia
  • is currently enrolled at ACU at the time of submitting an application for assistance
  • currently resides in the state of Queensland
  • has experienced financial hardship caused by Covid-19

Documentary evidence

  • Evidence of employment – Payslips, employment contract
  • Evidence of termination of employment or reduced shifts
  • Bank statement for last 30 days
  • Most recent Superannuation statement
  • Any other documentation that you believe supports your claim
  • Copy of passport ID page

How to Apply

Applications for these grants has now closed.

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