The ACT government has launched its ACT International Student Support Fund, which will be administered through the the Australian Red Cross (ARC). ARC is engaged with the Federal, State and Territory Governments around a broad range of measures and will be able to provide support on issues relating to automatic visa extensions; proactive outreach and connection of migrants to employment programs; visa condition changes to allow for more flexible work/employers; access to medical support and social welfare system; and for those with multiple vulnerabilities.  


The assistance is funded by the ACT government and administered by the ARC.  If the University assesses you as in need of assistance the University will provide the ARC with an authorisation letter.  The ARC will work with eligible students to assist them to meet their needs.
Grants and other forms of support will be considered by the Red Cross on a need’s basis.


The ACT government requires that you be an international student studying and residing in the ACT.
You must articulate a specific and immediate need for assistance in your application.  

  • Documentary evidence required
  • Copy of passport ID Page
  • Copy of Student ID Card
  • Evidence of employment – Payslips, employment contract
  • Evidence of termination of employment or reduced shifts due to Covid-19
  • Bank statement for last 30 days
  • Documentation from a landlord about rent arrangements; or
  • supporting documentation for the requested amount i.e. lease, tenancy agreement, utility bills, medical bills/ prescriptions.
  • A personal statement outlining a specific and immediate need for assistance

How to Apply

To apply for this hardship fund, you should first read and then complete the following form:
ACT International Student Support Fund Application Form

Your supporting documents should be uploaded as part of your form submission. 
Note: Applications will not be assessed until full documentation is received





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