ACU’s management and recovery from COVID-19 impacts is guided by the following COVID-19 protocol:

  1. In the case of an emergency, contact 000 in Australia or 112 in Italy.
  2. Staff, students and visitors who have been confirmed to have COVID-19 are required to notify the university by completing the COVID-19 reporting form for staff or the COVID-19 reporting form for students and visitors.
  3. General enquiries can be directed to the ACU COVID-19 resources page or AskACU (students and visitors) 1300 275 228 and Service Central (staff) 07 3623 7272.
  4. If AskACU or ServiceCentral are not available, the caller can contact the 24-hour National Security Centre phone number 1300 729 452.
  5. The Director, Student Administration will manage student and visitor incidents and the Chief People Officer will manage staff incidents.
  6. The Deputy Chief Operating Officer will work with the Chief People Officer and Director, Student Administration to assess incidents, provide details to relevant health authorities and manage incidents in accordance with health authority advice and guidelines. The Chief People Officer will arrange notification to WorkSafe Victoria (and any other WHS regulators as required).
  7. The Chief Operating Officer will:
    1. communicate with the Vice-Chancellor’s Advisory Committee (VCAC), Critical Incident Convenors and members of the University Consultative Committee (UCC)
    2. contact members of the university executive to enact required business continuity plans for critical services
    3. advise the Director, Marketing and External Relations to issue a communication to all staff, students, visitors, media, and the public where relevant
    4. close incidents as necessary.
  8. If health authorities advise to close a floor, building or campus the Chief Operating Officer will make the decision to close a floor, building or campus and will contact the Director, Properties & Facilities who will contact the relevant State Facilities Manager to:
    1. advise of the situation
    2. determine impacted locations including tenants and commercial partners
    3. determine an appropriate evacuation strategy
    4. activate cleaning strategy to ensure safety of students, staff and visitors
    5. complete disinfecting of immediate impacted areas
    6. initiate security staff to be stationed to prevent unauthorised access to the affected building.
    7. advise when the affected area can reopen.

Health authorities contacts

Emergencies (Australia wide) 000

NSW Health 1800 022 222

Victoria Health 1800 675 398

Queensland Health 13 432 584

ACT Health 02 5124 9213 or after hours 02 9962 4155

South Australian Health 1300 232 272

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