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The Faculty of Education and Arts pursues a proactive program of developing strategic partnerships that provide opportunities for staff and students to expand their practical experience and professional development, as well as to increase the resources and expertise contributing to curriculum development, extend our research capabilities, and expand our reach in shared community engagement activities.

Highlighted below are some of the advantages and opportunities made available through our strategic partnerships.

Expanding Opportunities for Students

In the Faculty of Education and Arts we see every student as a whole person; someone who is valuable as both an individual and as a contributing member of wider society. We also understand that students come to us not only to acquire skills and knowledge, but also to prepare for the world of work that awaits them after graduation.

Given the increasing globalisation of the workforce and our commitment to developing responsible and successful global citizens, our partnerships activity is intended to extend the opportunities available for students to develop global perspectives, cross-cultural skills and international experiences.

Partnerships with international universities mean that Education and Arts students can study the University core unit UNCC300: Understanding Self and Society in Paris, Florence, Milan, London and Beijing (as well as at our new Study Centre in Rome).

We partner with universities all over the world to give all of our students the opportunity to study abroad during their degree program. Students can spend one semester or an entire academic year overseas.

Partnership with organisations such as Challenges Abroad Australia (CAA) and Pepys Tours mean we can offer our students opportunities to complete HUMA247 Community Engagement and the Civic Professional overseas. For example, students can participate in the two-week community engagement program 'Live, Give, Learn' in either Thailand or Cambodia.

Partnerships also underpin our provision of deep-learning immersion experiences for students in our Bachelor of International Development Studies, giving them the opportunity to reflect on and apply the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom to real-world situations in a developing country.

Students from our Bachelor of Global Studies are able to take advantage of the approximately 20 bespoke 10-12 week international internships made available through our partnership with CAA, in locations such as Cambodia, Thailand and Nepal.

Expanding Opportunities for Staff

Relationships with partner institutions give our academic and administrative staff members the opportunity to engage in an international exchange activities and pursue collaborative research projects.

Expanding Opportunities for All

Our partnership activities give us the ability to extend our community engagement programs to respond to the needs of some of the most underprivileged members of the international community.

The ACU Thai-Burma Program - which offers Burmese refugees in Thailand the opportunity to pursue higher education through study for a Diploma in Liberal Studies -  is emblematic of our efforts in this regard. Find out more about this highly successful and enriching program.

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