The Executive Planning Group (EPG) is the peak senior information forum of Australian Catholic University (ACU). The EPG provides a forum for free discussion and consideration of strategic, managerial and operational matters affecting the University and the Higher Education sector generally.

It provides an opportunity for the Vice-Chancellor to brief members of EPG on important emerging issues, including major policy decisions.

Other key functions include:

  • providing input into the development of the University’s Strategic Plan, receives reports on its implementation and monitors progress
  • providing a forum for discussion and consideration of institutional performance and regulatory compliance
  • facilitating the continued development of University-wide communication and collaboration.

The EPG is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of the University. The EPG will meet up to five times per year, the committee will rotate locations between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

NAMENAMEProfessor Greg Craven TITLETITLEVice-Chancellor and President
NAMENAMEProfessor Pauline Nugent TITLETITLEProvost
NAMENAMEDr Stephen Weller TITLETITLEChief Operating Officer
NAMENAMEFather Anthony Casamento TITLETITLEVice President
NAMENAMEProfessor Wayne McKenna  TITLETITLEDeputy Vice-Chancellor, Research
NAMENAMEProfessor Zlatko Skrbis TITLETITLEDeputy Vice-Chancellor, Education & Innovation
NAMENAMEProfessor Hayden Ramsay TITLETITLEDeputy Vice-Chancellor, Coordination
NAMENAMEMr Chris Riley TITLETITLEPro Vice-Chancellor, Global and Education Pathways
NAMENAMEProfessor James McLaren TITLETITLEPro Vice-Chancellor, Research
NAMENAMEProfessor Sandra Jones TITLETITLEPro Vice-Chancellor, Engagement
NAMENAMEProfessor Michael Ondaatje TITLETITLEPro Vice-Chancellor (Arts and Academic Culture)
NAMENAMEProfessor Margot Hillel TITLETITLEChair, Academic Board
NAMENAMEVacant TITLETITLEAssociate Vice-Chancellor, NSW
NAMENAMEProfessor Jim Nyland TITLETITLEAssociate Vice-Chancellor, QLD
NAMENAMEDr John Ballard TITLETITLEAssociate Vice-Chancellor, VIC
NAMENAMEProfessor Michelle Campbell TITLETITLEExecutive Dean of Health Sciences
NAMENAMEProfessor Elizabeth Labone TITLETITLEExecutive Dean, Education and Arts
NAMENAMEProfessor Therese Joiner TITLETITLEExecutive Dean, Law and Business
NAMENAMEProfessor Dermot Nestor TITLETITLEExecutive Dean, Theology & Philosophy
NAMENAMEProfessor Susan Dann TITLETITLENational Head, Peter Faber Business School
NAMENAMEDr Richard Colledge   TITLETITLENational Head of School, Philosophy
NAMENAMEAssoc. Prof. Stephen Downs TITLETITLENational Head of School, Theology
NAMENAMEAssoc. Prof. Karen Nightingale TITLETITLENational Head of School of Nursing, Midwifery & Para-medicine
NAMENAMEProfessor Suzanne Kuys TITLETITLENational Head of School of Allied Health
NAMENAMEProfessor Justin Kemp TITLETITLENational Head of School, School of Behavioural & Health Sciences
NAMENAMEProfessor Shukri Sanber TITLETITLENational Head of School, Education
NAMENAMEProfessor Geraldine Castleton TITLETITLEDeputy Dean, Education and Arts
NAMENAMEProfessor Karen Flowers TITLETITLEDeputy Dean, Health Sciences
NAMENAMEMr Scott Jenkins TITLETITLEChief Financial Officer
NAMENAMEAssoc. Prof. Patrick McArdle TITLETITLECampus Dean, Canberra
NAMENAMEProfessor Bridget Aitchison TITLETITLECampus Dean, Ballarat
NAMENAMEAssoc. Prof. Miriam Tanti TITLETITLECampus Dean, Strathfield
NAMENAMEMr Tom Ristoski TITLETITLEExecutive Director, Strategic Partnerships and Executive Education
NAMENAMEMs Kathryn Blyth TITLETITLEAcademic Registrar and Director, Student Administration
NAMENAMEMs Jane Ceolin TITLETITLEDirector, First Peoples and Equity Pathways
NAMENAMEMr Niranjan Prabhu TITLETITLEDirector, Information Technology
NAMENAMEMs Kathy Vozella TITLETITLEDirector, Marketing & External Relations
NAMENAMEMs Diana Chegwidden TITLETITLEDirector, Human Resources
NAMENAMEDr Judy Laverty TITLETITLEDirector, Strategic Projects
NAMENAMEMr Ashley Midalia TITLETITLEDirector, Government, Policy and Strategy
NAMENAMEMr Michael Tracey TITLETITLEDirector, Properties and Facilities
NAMENAMEMs Fides Lawton TITLETITLEDirector, Libraries
NAMENAMEDr Diane Barker TITLETITLEDirector, Governance and General Counsel
NAMENAMEProfessor Meg Stuart TITLETITLEDirector, Learning and Teaching Centre
NAMENAMEMr Paul Campbell TITLETITLEDeputy Chief Operating Officer
NAMENAMEDr Omer Yezdani TITLETITLEDirector, Office of Planning & Strategic Management
NAMENAMEMr Paul McJannett TITLETITLEDirector, Student Engagement & Services
NAMENAMEMrs Evelyn Picot TITLETITLEDirector, Office for Student Success
NAMENAMEProfessor Rocque Reynolds TITLETITLEDean, Thomas More Law School
NAMENAMEProfessor Br David Hall TITLETITLEDean, La Salle Academy for Faith Formation & Religious Education
NAMENAMEProfessor Tania Aspland TITLETITLEDean, Education Policy and Strategy
NAMENAMEProfessor John Hawley TITLETITLEDirector, The Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research
NAMENAMEProfessor Rhonda Craven TITLETITLEDirector, Institute for Positive Psychology and Education
NAMENAMEProfessor Stephen Finlay TITLETITLEDirector, Institute of Philosophy
NAMENAMEProfessor Claire Wyatt-Smith TITLETITLEDirector, Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education
NAMENAMEDr Joshua Roose TITLETITLEDirector, Institute for Religion, Politics and Society
NAMENAMEProfessor Peter Howard TITLETITLEDirector, Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry
NAMENAMEProfessor Daryl Higgins TITLETITLEDirector, Institute of Child Protection Studies
NAMENAMEDr Michael Casey TITLETITLEDirector, PM Glynn Institute
NAMENAMEMs Simone Chetcuti TITLETITLEDirector, Office of the Vice-Chancellor and President

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