The Cognition and Emotion Research Centre provides a dynamic and supportive environment for postgraduate research students.

Our strengths

  • world-class research environment
  • state-of-the-art research equipment
  • leading international academics with high-level supervision and successful completion rate
  • supportive network within Centre and collaborators.

Current PhD students

Katherine Horner

Katherine Horner is currently completing a combined Masters and PhD in Developmental and Educational Psychology. Katherine’s research investigates how future-oriented abilities, namely prospective memory, episodic future thinking, and episodic foresight, present themselves in typically developing children aged 8- 12 years. She is particularly interested in what cognitive capacities underpin future-oriented thinking in this age band and the association between each of these abilities and children’s adaptive functioning in daily life.

Caitlin Grace

Caitlin is currently completing the combined Master of Psychology (Clinical) and PhD. Her research explores the experience of those with Social Anxiety Disorder in both the context of real world daily living and within the laboratory. She hopes the results from this research will produce associations between psychological social stress responses in the laboratory and the experience of psychological social stress in daily life. By doing so she aims to provide answers to questions such as whether the experience of psychological social stress in the lab and in daily life are both implicated in the psychopathology and presentation of social anxiety disorder. Cultivating knowledge around the relationship that exists between the social stress response of individuals across both the lab and in their daily functioning will contribute critical and novel insights into the direct experience of social anxiety disorder and inform better treatment and improved outcomes of the disorder.

Morgan Elliott

Morgan is currently completing a combined Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology. Morgan’s research investigates if future-oriented thinking, specifically prospective memory, episodic future thinking, and episodic foresight, is adversely affected in the context of both acute alcohol intoxication and alcohol dependence. Additionally, this project aims to identify if there is a relationship between future-oriented thinking and the outcome of alcohol dependence rehabilitation. Morgan is particularly interested in understanding the effects of alcohol on the brain and the implications for the treatment of alcohol dependence.


Mercuri, K., Terrett, G., Henry, J. D., Curran, H. V., Elliott, M., & Rendell, P. G. (2018). Episodic foresight deficits in regular, but not recreational, cannabis users. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 32(8), 876-882.

Grace Hayes

Grace Hayes is currently completing a combined Master of Clinical Psychology and PhD. Her research focuses on social cognition (the mental processes behind social behaviours) in healthy ageing. Grace is interested to find out if the hormone oxytocin plays a role in the decline of these skills with age, and whether administering oxytocin via a nasal spray improves the social cognitive performance of older adults.

Hannah Thomson

Simone Mizzi

Hannah Sehl


  • Dr Tina Habota
  • Dr Kimberly Mercuri
  • Dr Roxanne White
  • Kathryn Biernacki
  • Jillian Murphy
  • David Pedder
  • Elizabeth Pizarro-Campagna
  • Susan Sapega


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