Chief Investigator of HBI: Imaging

Professor Derek Jones is Director of the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) in Wales, UK, and holds a part-time appointment at Australian Catholic University (ACU). 

His research focuses on maximising the amount of quantitative information that can be extracted about brain structure non-invasively using magnetic resonance imaging techniques. If the grey matter acts as the 'service stations', then the white matter acts as the 'motorways', hence forming an integral and fundamental part of brain networks. 

Professor Jones’ research has been primarily focussed on development of methods for diffusion magnetic resonance imaging and its application to both healthy and diseased states. 

He is also extending the range of imaging methods to include multi-component relaxometry and quantitative magnetisation transfer imaging, with the aim of providing a more complete multi-spectral characterisation of white matter. His aim is to try to find the missing link between measures of tissue microstructure and brain function, measured through non-invasive electrophysiology or via cognitive assessment.

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