ACU leaders share their commitment to Clemente.
Clemente Australia crystallises in practice the heart and soul of ACU’s mission, identity and values. 
At ACU we stand up for people in need and causes that matter in our quest for a better common future for humanity. We believe that our role as a university is to inspire and equip people to make a difference. 
I am immensely proud that ACU sponsors and hosts the Clemente Australia program. I thank our partners and congratulate Clemente students – past and present – for your commitment and courage. We are all enriched by the experiences and insights you bring to the subjects you study and to all who travel with you on your learning journey.
May Clemente Australia continue to thrive, inspiring us all with its example of education for empowerment and transformation. 
Professor Greg Craven
ACU Vice Chancellor and President

It iElizabeth Labones no surprise that the study of Humanities subjects lies at the core of the Clemente program. These subjects require students to explore and reflect on the many ways people through the ages have tried to make sense of the world and what it means to be human.   Coming together in small classes with skilled lecturers and supportive learning partners, Clemente students share and question their own and others’ ideas, experiences, opinions and values – those of their fellow students and those of the writers, performers and artists whose work they study.   Clemente classes empower students to have confidence in their unique voice. The study of the Humanities enables them to see their own experiences with new eyes, to understand the world and gives them the skills to change their world. In these ways Clemente Australia is a shining example of education at its best and the Faculty of Education and Arts is proud to play our part in it.  

Professor Elizabeth Labone, Executive Dean (Faculty of Education and Arts)

The broad approach to education we offer at ACU reflects our core values of truth, academic excellence and service. This is especially evident in programs that remove barriers to university participation and success; and engage marginalised people in the ACU community and the wider society. Clemente Australia is one such program. It demonstrates the reciprocal and enriching nature of service, access and equity – through giving, we also receive; through opening doors, we expand our own horizons. 

Professor Zlatko Skrbis, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)


Universities are not elitist ivory towers but are deeply rooted in human communities which they seek to serve.  That is certainly true of a Catholic university, which is why Clemente Australia is a jewel in the crown of Australian Catholic University.  

In offering support and sponsorship for programs across the country, Clemente Australia opens doors to students to whom they would otherwise be closed, allowing them to be more independent and more socially engaged.  That is the work of a university and it is the work of the Gospel.  

Mark Coleridge
Archbishop of Queensland President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

Education is founded on relationships and shared journeys - between teachers and learners, the known and the unknown. When based on mutual trust and respect, education sparks and sustains truth, hope and understanding.

At heart, education is so much more than a passport to jobs. It nurtures and reflects the spirit and dignity of humanity – enriching learners, teachers and communities alike.

Clemente Australia is founded on this deeper, transformative vision of employment. It operates within the values and principles of ACU - opening doors to life and learning for students, opening the hearts and minds of lecturers and partners, and bringing new perspectives, voices and meaning to deepen our collective understanding and wisdom.

Associate Professor Peter Howard
National Leader, Clemente Australia


Clemente Australia reminds us that education is more than professional training for employment but has the capacity to transform the human spirit.

Clemente students remind us that education breaks down barriers and unites us in community. ACU’s Clemente programs, delivered through longstanding partnerships with community organisations, remind us of our core mission as a Catholic university- a university that values the dignity of all people, and pursues teaching and research to advance the common good.

Fr Anthony Casamento csma
Vice President ACU

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